The topic of euthanasia comes with so many heated debates. Some people are against it while others are for it. Whichever side you are on, we can all agree that if legalized, we need a quick painless euthanasia method. In this article, we will discuss that and more.

What is euthanasia?

It means the act of ending one’s life as an act of mercy with the intention of relieving them severe and persistent pain. The pain might be from an accident, a disease such as cancer, or any other cause. You can also refer to euthanasia as mercy killing, assisted death or doctor assisted death.

Some of the drugs people use for euthanasia

Barbiturates are the common drugs used for euthanasia. They work by slowing down the activities of the central nervous system and the brain. When you take barbiturates in small doses, they can be a short-term treatment for insomnia and emergency treatment of seizures. In other doses, you can also use barbiturates for anesthesia to make patients sleep during a surgery.

Note that overdosing on barbiturates can be fatal. Taking barbiturates in huge doses will slow down your brain and CNS to a point your respiratory system will stop functioning and breathing stops. Physicians have used either pentobarbital and secobarbital or a combination of both for euthanasia. These two barbiturates are tested and proven to have the advantage of many years of use with the advantage of knowing the exact dosage needed and less side effects reported. Their efficacy and safety in causing swift, peaceful, and peaceful death is a proof around the globe. They are the preferred drugs in nations such as Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland where euthanasia is legal. There are other options whether alone or combinations but have less evidence of euthanasia. Drugs that cause respiratory distress and severe muscle relaxation can cause death.

You can use some drugs that fatally cause heart attack, severely lower blood sugar levels, or block messages to your mind from the other body parts causing paralysis. Although some of these drugs are readily available, if not taken correctly, they can cause a long death and the side effects might be so painful before you die.

Nembutal and other barbiturates are not likely to do that. There is more evidence from major laboratories that they are capable of ending life effectively.

Can a doctor prescribe euthanasia drugs to patients?

It can only happen in nations where euthanasia is legal. For instance, in Oregon, a doctor can prescribe drugs with the intention of a quick painless euthanasia. When the patient fills the prescription, instructions center on ensuring that the patient understands about taking these pills in a single dose that will kill him or her after. Some Oregon health insurance plans cover these lethal drugs. A Medicaid program pays for these drugs.

According to studies, people who take the euthanasia pills can suffer from side effects such as gasping and vomiting. To reduce the chance of vomiting the drug, it is wise to take them with anti-emetic drugs. Complications might arise so most doctors feel compelled to intervene in several cases. Even when a medical practitioner is involved, some complications might develop. Patients might take longer than expected or might wake up during their coma. However, these incidences are less.

Euthanasia by injection

In Netherlands, doctors use an injection to give the patient comatose. They then inject a second one to stop the heart. IV of barbiturates followed by a muscle relaxant induces the coma. Incase death delays, the doctor might use potassium chloride to fasten the cardiac arrest.

Dehydration and starvation

Exit International one of the leading advocates of euthanasia advice withdrawal of water and food in order to make the death quick. Euthanasia specialists recommend the use of terminal sedation with the withdrawal of water and food. Terminal sedation allows for the correct measure of analgesics and sedatives for the necessary control of effects such as agitation, intolerable pain, and anxiety. Additionally it helps to relieve the patient’s distress and that of family members. If you withdrawal fluids and food from a person, it does not matter, whether he or she is healthy or not, he or she cannot evade death. Dehydration and starvation speeds up death

Plastic bags, gases and the peaceful pill

Right to die activists such as Derek Humphry and Dr. Phillip mostly advocate for this method of euthanasia. According to them, the method has been very effective among those people who have committed suicide successfully.  There is an apparatus called ‘CO Genie’ that produces lethal carbon monoxide that you can make at home.

The latest initiative is a barbiturate based ‘peaceful pill’. It is an initiative by Dr. Phillip. He has even help so many workshops in a bid to educate people about it.

Where can you buy quick painless euthanasia drugs?

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Final thoughts

Achieving a quick painless euthanasia is not always easy. However, with the right method and drugs, this is possible. Do a proper research on the methods available before deciding to use any methods.