According to statistics, overdosing on sleeping pills is one of the most common ways used by people to attempt/commit suicide. Sleeping pills for suicide work by suppressing the body functions, relaxing your muscles, and chemically soothing you to sleep. Theoretically, a sleeping pill overdose can shut down your whole body, which includes the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system. When this happens, it will eventually result to death.

When you overdose on a sleeping pill, because of the anesthetic and tranquilizing properties of these drugs, it can kill you without agony or pain, which makes it a very common way of suicide. Reports claim that sleeping pills are the cause of Marilyn Monroe death. However, you should know that a sleeping pill overdose does not guarantee it will work. The police and suicide attempt survivors can attest to that.

Fun fact: doctors no longer prescribe sleeping pills potent enough for suicide. Although there are relatively high dosage pills that you can find in a hospital, doctors do not prescribe them. They are only available for anesthetic purpose during a major surgery. The sleeping pills that are currently available in the market have milder effects and are no longer potentially lethal as the sleeping pills that were available a few years ago.

In other words, makers of the pills available now purposefully and chemically design them to be safer. The main goal of this is to make sleeping pills a less potent way of committing suicide. It is to make it lose its appeal as a suicide drug. Note that this does not mean that the current crop of pills will not cause a significant damage to your brain and body as a whole. They still contain the same effects despite them being lower.

You should also know the specifics of overdosing on sleeping pills if you want the whole process to work. There are individuals who have tolerance elements of the sleeping pills, which increase their chance of survival. Other factors such as possibility of intervention and blood chemistry during the attempted suicide can reduce the chances of death. In most cases, victims use alcohol to speed up the effect of the sleeping pill because the drug takes some time to work and deliver its fatal effects.

Can the modern sleeping pill work?

Yes, it can. The modern pill suicide attempt can still result to considerable damage because the current medications usually cause an effect on the central nervous system and the brain. A normal dose will only pose a minimal risk but you will still experience the side effects after taking the drug in large quantities. One of the serious side effect would be the complete shutdown of the neural receptors and pathways that control some of your systems in the body. If you survive a sleeping pill overdose, you might find yourself completely paralyzed, with no or little control over your bodily functions.

Sleeping pills for suicide is a very contentious issue in the field of psychology. Most individuals always assume that anyone who commits suicide using sleeping pills has a very serious psychological problem. In most instances, mental illness or physical stress is the cause of suicide.  People who are mentally ill and try to commit suicide but end up surviving end up with many problems such as memory loss caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. Other people who have survived suicide have shown signs of being paranoid or delusional.

Who is at risk of using sleeping pills for suicide?

People who suffer from anxiety, depression or bipolar disorders or those who abuse drugs are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. Other stressful events such as loss of a loved one can trigger suicide thoughts. The risk of suicide is higher if a person:

  • Is lonely and has no social life
  • Has attempted to end their life before
  • Is going through severe pain or has a long-term illness
  • A veteran of war
  • Broke and unemployed
  • Bisexual or gay
  • His or her family has a history of suicide

What are some of the signs that someone is suicidal?

There are several signs that someone is suicidal and depressed. Below are some of the signs that you should look out for if you think your loved one is suicidal.

  • Acting uninterested in things that used to make him or her happy or they are acting sad
  • The person experiences many episodes of insomnia or sleeping too much or is waking up earlier than usual
  • Showing signs of reduced energy
  • Feeling guilty and worthless
  • Forgetting what they shouldn’t be forgetting or being unable to concentrate which leads to low performance at work
  • When they stop caring about everything and they feel hopeless
  • Getting irritable, moody, rebellious, violent or withdrawn
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs, reckless driving and engaging in other risky behaviors
  • Mentioning suicide in conversations or joking about it
  • When they start disposing some of the valuable possessions
  • When they start searching for suitable areas, where they can commit suicide

Are there better methods than sleeping pills for suicide?

The problem with suicide pills is you cannot establish how many of them you should take to die. Additionally when you take sleeping pills, someone might find you before they start working because they take some time to work. Because of this, the method is too risk and you might survive.

One of the methods that have proved to be effective is death by Nembutal. In nations where it is legal, doctors administer a lethal dose of Nembutal for euthanasia of severely ill patients. According to reports, this method is fast and painless. The only thing you need to do is know the correct dosages and the correct method of administration. If you need to purchase Nembutal, contact us today for an affordable price. We are a reliable shop that ships Nembutal discreetly worldwide.

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If you are planning to use sleeping pills for suicide, you should know that it is not always 100% effective. Think about the whole process before doing it.