Potassium Cyanide Powder and Pills

If you love reading or researching about chemicals, you have probably come across potassium cyanide. In fact, those who have watched Second World War documentaries or read one might be aware that soldiers at war killed themselves or executed others using potassium cyanide.

What is Potassium Cyanide Powder and Pills?

Potassium cyanide pills
Potassium cyanide powder
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Potassium cyanide is an extremely poisonous inorganic salt used instead of the more common sodium cyanide. KCN is its chemical formula. Individuals mostly buy potassium cyanide in pills/tablets or powder form. The very toxic product works by releasing hydrogen cyanide that is very toxic a well and prevents your body’s ability to use oxygen. The gas has a unique bitter almond odor. Not many people can detect it that makes it more harmful. When you expose yourself to potassium cyanide, you risk fatal side effects. Its effects affect your whole body especially vital organs that are sensitive to low oxygen levels in the body such as the central nervous system including your brain, the cardiovascular system and the pulmonary system.

What are the different types or forms of potassium cyanide?

You will mostly find cyanide salts in solid form. They usually exist as white solids. These salts smell like bitter almonds, although it is not easy to detect the odor.

Where can you buy potassium cyanide powder and pills?

You can find affordable potassium cyanide powder online in all forms including powder and pills. However, you have to be very careful when buying KCN online. Always ensure you are purchasing from a trustable buyer. You can ensure you are doing this by reading as many reviews as possible. Legitimate shops mostly have many positive reviews which means customers are satisfied with the products at the shop.

Are you still confused, which shop you, can trust? We are a reliable and trustable cyanide shop near you. We believe in only selling affordable and quality KCN TO YOU. You will only find the highest quality cyanide that you can find in the market. We believe in customer satisfaction and that is why we offer friendly and fast services to ensure you are happy. Additionally, our expenses are low and the nature of our chemicals is the best.

What are the uses of potassium cyanide?

If you are familiar with chemicals used for euthanasia, then potassium cyanide will definitely cross your mind. The reason is it has become one of the most popular methods of committing suicide. When you consume potassium cyanide in large amounts, it produces a lethal effect that is enough to kill you.

Additionally, potassium cyanide helps in gold and other precious metal extraction in the mining industry. However, its primary use is preparation of a variety of useful plastics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals and organic use. Other commercial application are photographic developing, fumigation, electroplating and as an insecticide.                    

How does potassium cyanide work?

Potassium cyanide works by attacking the vital organs in you body. For instance, it affects the respiratory system by causing breathing problems. Additionally, it can also affect the central nervous system including the brain. Once potassium cyanide enters your body, it forms a permanent bond with cytochrome c oxidase (an electron acceptor) and blocks the cells electron transport chain. Because of this, the body cells cannot use oxygen, which means they cannot produce the energy that your body needs.

If exposed to high potassium cyanide doses, you will probably go into a coma. After the coma, you might experience convulsions and then death. One way to prevent the severe effects of KCN is taking a significant amount of sugar/glucose. Glucose binds with cyanide fast preventing it to bond with the cells. However, it is not a guarantee the glucose will completely counter cyanide effects but it will reduce them.    

Effects of potassium cyanide

As mentioned above, potassium cyanide is extremely poisonous and toxic just like sodium cyanide. If swallowed, KCN is a quick acting product even in less doses. When you expose yourself to solid potassium cyanide is harmful as well because it works by releasing HCN gas, which is severely toxic. When it gets to your skin, you will experience a burning feeling, pain, tissue damage, and irritation. In addition, if absorbed via the surface, it can cause toxicity in your entire body.

If potassium cyanide enters your eyes, you will experience redness, severe burns, and pain and tissue damage in the eyes.

If ingested, potassium cyanide causes vomiting, abdominal pain, stomach irritation, and nausea.

Inhaling potassium cyanide has several effects as well. The moderate to mild effects are confusion, anxiety, dizziness, and weakness, and headache, loss of consciousness, short breath, palpitations, severe blood pressure, and vomiting, dilated pupils. Some of the severe effects are coma, seizures, temporary blindness, cardiac arrest, pulmonary edema, fluid in the lungs, and respiratory arrest.

Note that the CNS is the most sensitive to cyanide poisoning. The cardiovascular system is less sensitive.          

Dosage of potassium cyanide

It is worth noting that even the smallest amounts of potassium cyanide can have severe effects on your body. Large amounts will kill you. For instance, if you take around 100g of KCN it will cause an immediate painless death.   

Potassium cyanide overdose

A potassium cyanide overdose is likely to cause death. Some of the signs of an overdose include pink or ruddy colored cheeks, red or dilated eyes, and severe cases of a bluish color on the skin. Taking a potassium cyanide pill will lead to overdose because pills have a higher potassium cyanide concentration.  

How to get potassium cyanide prescription

Note that people who buy potassium cyanide drugs do it to end their lives so you do not necessarily need a prescription. You can buy potassium cyanide from us without a prescription at an affordable cost. We are a drug and chemical store near you. We ship discretely to most parts of the world. 

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Legal status of potassium cyanide

Potassium cyanide is legal but it is controlled. It has several legitimate industrial and scientific uses but you are not lily to buy it easily unless you belong to a recognized academic or business organization.