There are hundreds of ways out there that people can use to end their lives. All these methods are different in terms of effectiveness, pain and speed. Before you choose a method to end your life, we advise people to go for methods that are peaceful and painless. We have curated 10 ways of suicide that are popular across the globe.

  • Firearms

Did you know that firearms are the most popular means of suicide in the United States? Most people commit suicide using firearms by shooting themselves in the head. If done right the method is quick and fast. However, it comes with its downsides. If you don’t make a precise shot you’ll end up inflicting irreversible damages on your body.

Surviving a gunshot means you’ll live the rest of your life nursing permanent injuries. According to statistics, 5% of people who use firearms to commit suicide end up surviving. 95% of them die instantly. It is a good success rate but you might still be the 5%. Because of this, it is important to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Ensure that the bullet hits your brain or focal veins to avoid surviving.

Alternatively, you can opt to buy euthanasia drugs such as cyanide and pentobarbital. All these are highly effective and guarantee 100% results.

  • Hanging

Hanging is also a very effective method of ending a life. There is a significant number of people who have successfully used this method to end their lives. If you position yourself well while using this method, death will be quick and fast.  Choosing the right position includes considering a number of factors including height and weight.

Be careful and use a strong rope that will not break.

  • Jumping off a tall building

This is also a very popular method of committing suicide. People go on top of a tall building and throw themselves to the ground.  Although it might look simple and effortless, it’s not always easy. When jumping off a building, it is wise to position yourself in a way you’ll land with your head. Falling on your feet can be very painful because you’ll break several bones before you die.

  • Overdosing on drugs

Sleeping pills are the most popular drugs that people use to commit suicide. The problem with this method is that pharmaceuticals no longer make sleeping pills that are big enough to end life. Because of this, most people just end up becoming unconscious and finding themselves in a hospital.

To make the drugs more lethal most people take them with alcohol. If you’re going to use this method, know that death is not always a guarantee.

  • Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a very lethal gas that can end a person’s life fast and painlessly. Breathing in excess amounts of carbon monoxide especially in a closed room will kill you. If you decide to use this method, ensure that you don’t survive. The gas is too toxic and can damage your vital organs such as brain.

  • Drowning

Victims of this suicide method die because oxygen supply to the lungs and heart is cut. Just like most methods, it also has its downsides. For instance, for people who know how to swim, their bodies will naturally try to get out of the water. One of the most successful ways that people drown themselves is getting into a bathtub when drunk.

  • Electrocution

People die when their heart stops functioning and electrocution is a perfect way to stop the heart. Electrocution kills people through arrhythmia. When done using high currents, death will be immediate. The method has been around for decades now. One downside of this method is death might be slow if you electrocute yourself with low currents.

  • Wrists slitting

Thousands of people have ended their lives using this method. Most do it in their bathtubs. The problem with this method is it can be very painful. Ensure that you’re cutting the right vein if you opt for this method.

  • Throwing yourself in front of a moving train

This method is quite common especially among city dwellers. If done correctly most people die instantly when they throw themselves in front of a moving train. The only thing you need to avoid is tripping. Some people have ended up losing their arms or legs because of this.

  • Euthanasia drugs

These drugs were invented specifically for ending people’s lives if they desire that. Scientists who invented these drugs to make it easy for people who don’t want to live anymore maybe because they’re too old or undergoing too much pain. Euthanasia is even legal in some countries such as Switzerland. Example of these drugs include potassium cyanide and pentobarbital Nembutal.

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To ensure that the drugs are effective, always take a lethal dose.

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Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, there are many suicide methods available. However, most of them come with different risks. When choosing a suicide method, ensure it is quick and painless. Ensure you’re aware of its pros and cons before using it. As a professional store, we would advise people to go for euthanasia drugs. Contact us today and place your order!